Facillities & Dining



You eat the course dish of the Japanese style in a dining room at 18:00.
There is the case that cannot offer dinner when late for time.


A sandwich and coffee, salad, fruit are in the basket.It is put outside the door of your room at 07:30.
Please eat in a room, Wood deck, a beach.


Check in time: 15:00

Check out time: 10:00

The child and the pet cannot stay.

Normal facilities

  • Refrigerator, Bath,TV,Air-conditioner,Hair dryer,Bath towel,Body towel, Toothbrush,Shaver,Body sponge ,Body soap,Hair shampoo,Hair conditioner

Standard double room

  • (14.4 sq.m.)Western-style
  • one Bed (140×195cm )

Standard twin room

  • (14.4sq.m.)Western-style
  • two beds (98×195cm)

Deluxe double room

  • (22.4 sq.m.)Western-style
  • one Bed (180×200cm)

Deluxe twin room

  • (22.4 sq.m.)Western-style
  • two beds (120×195cm)

Japanese & Western-style room

  • (34.5 sq.m.)Six-tatami mat in the Japanese -style room
  • Two beds (120×195cm) in the Western-style room



  • There are a vending machine of the drink, a microwaveoven, an electric pot, free drink, a glass there.

Front desk

  • The phone number is 33 (07:00~23:00)


  • Open in a dining room of the 3F.(Open 21:00~23:00)Only as for the summer.

Charter bath of the ocean view

  • There is a Japanese bath in a garden.(Open 15:00~09:30)
    Take a bath with lover or friend or one.
    Lock the door when in use.



  • Please use the stairs from the Wood deck of the garden to go to the beach.
    There are parasol and beach Bet in the beach. (Only as for the summer)
    There is a beach made of sand and rocks.
    There is a slope of big sand made by a wind-force.

Wood deck

  • You can watch Pacific and Izu Islands.
    You can watch Rising Sun from the horizon in the winter season.

Shower room

  • There is it on the 3F deck, 1F outside a building(3F is a warm water shower)


  • It is concrete pavement.(free of charge.)